Tuesday, October 24, 2006

(new food combinations) molecular gastronomy

to me this is fascinating! check out these articles
I'd never thought it was possible- but maybe this is the wave of the future here-
the whole idea is to combine chemistry with the various flavors- to create new and exciting combinations!
I find this mindblowing and inspiring
- via wired.com
These days the menus at the hautest purveyors of haute cuisine may seem more scientific than culinary – tobacco-flavored ice cream, extruded vegetable noodles, fried mayonnaise. Chefs call it molecular gastronomy, but why should they have all the fun? Some of the world's greatest bartenders are working on their own version, molecular mixology, using food science principles and laboratory techniques to develop off-the-wall flavor combinations and surprising textures. We asked a few of our fave drink doctors for the recipes to their most futuristic libations. OK, you may not see military-grade lasers and liquid nitrogen at local watering holes anytime soon, but who knows? Someday "the usual" might just be a cherry tomato filled with solidified gin and served in a shot glass. Bottoms up!
check out these ideas via http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=53763
Poached Broccoli Stem with wild Coho roe, crispy bread, grapefruit
Stem cooked sous vide (butter, salt, granulated cane juice)
Machine-sliced thin bread
Dairyless grapefruit “pudding”

Dried Crème Brulee
Caramel orb shell made with bubble maker and heat gun
Powdered interior made with dried butterfat, egg yolks, powdered sugar & vanilla

Peeled grapes on the stem
Peanut butter coating
Wrap in brioche
Micro-grated, roasted peanuts

Instant Tropical Pudding
Freeze Dried Powders of coconut, pineapple, banana
Young coconut water spiked with rum
Muscovado Sugar
Candied Chili
Jamaican Peppercorn
Vanilla Bean
  • White chocolate and caviar
  • Strawberry and coriander
  • Strawberry, celery leaves and mint
  • Mango and pine extract
  • Green peppercorn jelly and beetroot
  • Snails and Beetroot (the flavor molecule that contributes to the earthiness in each of these is the same. It also exists in spinach and baby corn)
  • Chocolate and pink peppercorn
  • Carrot and violet (ionone is the main pairing molecule here)
  • Carrot and coriander seeds
  • Mango and violet
  • Pineapple and blue cheese (careful as the cheese needs a certain ketone level)
  • Caraway and lavender are surprisingly interchangeable
  • Cauliflower (caramelized) and cocoa
  • Liver and Jasmine (similar sulfur compounds)
  • Cooked cheese (like Parmesan and Gruyere) and honey (with a slightly chestnut character)
  • Banana and parsley
  • Harissa (chili paste) and dried apricot
check this out too- not the same but very inspiring http://chocolateandzucchini.com/
this lady has a great site - for exploring cuisine, - you ever get burned out on food ideas- go here!

Monday, October 23, 2006

blog of blogging and blogginness

anyway, for the last several weeks I've been going to the top forum and blogging sites (myspace excluded) mostly to find out what's going on in the internets.

I've had some interesting results!

So as I was saying: there's everything from these blog sites where they do featured content http://www.blogger.com/ start to advanced features and headlines and things!

http://www.topix.net/ is a site with the latet news- great way to get a fix in a few mins

http://fark.com/is a good way to be entertained by stupid local news from all over, great for bad moods, diversion etc

her's some example headlines "

http://boingboing.net/ http://wired.com/ http://www.techreview.com/

all sites that offer technology news - pretty standard fare that deals with bio-tech nano-tech, robots, stuff that makes most people throw up, but I still like it,- complete with geekspeak

http://techdirt.com/stands in its own category in that they talk about big brother and technology, rigging elections and such (I love it!)

http://www.metroblogging.com/ is very cool! it is useful in that they have it for 50 cities, and its city specific info, done by city folk! I luved the one about  Dubai , (United Arab emarates) - its a rich country, where they sound quite civil and RICH! yow, and beautiful beaches, - here's some pics very neat site

look, and amazing subdivision in the friggin ocean!


http://slashdot.org/ is a beloved site, where the guy started posting what he thought was relevant in (geekland once again) to his friends and the site took off! They are now huge huge huge, and have corporate sponsorship and has become the most (or one of) the biggest for getting IT news as its released!

it is super accessible and stands as one of the greatest rags to riches stories in internet history- and it's only a few paragraphs a day.

There's many more news sites, but it just goes to show how easy it is to have a mass circulation in the Blog/news realm just with flashy simple content.

during my research I also found out that Wil Wheaton, (Wesley Crusher on the Star Trek Next Generation) has one of the hugest readerships of blogs on the internet! Wow, way to survive chonic unemployment right?!!

http://wilwheaton.typepad.com/after reading a few posts I can see why! He blogs about all things TV related and Video games, he has some grace and humor and maybe even a little hipness?

I've been reading a lot about copywrite too, and the laws seem to favor blogs and social networking sites as well.

I've found out that Myspace actually has a older demographic than I thought -mm maybe (average age 35 and male) and sites like http://www.xanga.com actually have a younger group, (apparent after visiting) around 15-20 years of age.

I've posted some examples of they're stupidity below

If you n e where from savanhaket, den u should be up n here n shiet.... I know where my ass is from... do you?


This is a blogring for all asians. If you are not asian, then get the heck out of here. Asisans are from china or have their genes. So join!!!!! Asians are smart and cute. Not to mention sassy and fun. ;)

Ok ok so I checked out xanga, and it is fun, and bad and good! Iget the appeal there too, and I believe there's just a little sarchasm about the web here, taunting if you will about the "seriousness" of the web. A lot of internet trolls as well - which is only slightly amusing .

I have found some good forums - the black sheep forums which is in the TOP FORUMS as well as somethingawful which is really cool but yeah a paysite-!! Not nearly as cool as here, but wow! here's a fav I've found - MS Paint art , below is an example

lots of activity. For forums there's quite a few on Chinese pets and Cars, seriously!!!!! tons of stuff though. Christian forums are pretty big too.

All said and done I can see the attraction to people writing about celebrities and reviewing the hottest media, sports whatever. I think soon and eventually blogging and mini blurbs will probably replace traditional media like magazines. Who needs TV guide and the Enquirer when you have the web right?

Note: here's a great article as well/ http://hmtk.com/blog/index.php?/archives/50-The-Digg-Effect-Part-4-Netscape-vs.-Digg-vs.-Stumbleupon.html